Info / Admissions

Recruitment Procedure

to Pre-IB1 (1st grade), Pre-IB2 (2nd grade) & IB1 (3rd grade)

Warsaw Montessori High School

for school year 2023/2024


Open Days

Everyone interested in taking part in recruitment to Warsaw Montessori High School for the 2022/2023 school year is invited to participate in our Open Days, which will take place on the following dates:

January 21, 10.00 am (Saturday)

March 2 (Thursday)

If you are interested in taking part in Open Days, please send us an email on and declare your willingness to participate in these events.


Entrance Exams

In the recruitment process to Warsaw Montessori High School candidates need to take both written and oral exams.

Candidates will write an exam in the following subjects:

  1. English
  2. Polish (for native speakers of Polish)
  3. Mathematics 

In addition to the written examination candidates to our school take part in an oral exam in the form of an interview in English.

These exams will check your skills regarding mathematics necessary for a given level of education, and your ability to write creatively in the English and Polish languages.

On the day of the exams we kindly ask candidates to bring a valid Student ID or another document to confirm their identity.

Dates of ComplementaryEntrance Exams to pre-IB 1 for the school year 2023/2024

  1. Written exams – May 29th (Monday), 9:00 AM
  2. Oral exam – May 31st (Wednesday) between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM


Registration for the entrance exams

We accept applications for the exams until May 26th . In order to be registered we kindly ask you to: 

1. Complete the Application Form  

    2. Pay the recruitment fee (750 PLN) by bank transfer to our account: PKO BP S.A. 73 1020 1068 0000 1302 0193 9388 As a title please give the name and surname of the candidate with the annotation: “Recruitment pre-IB1”. 

    3. Send the paymnet confirmation to our email address

    Exam results

    Candidates who pass the Entrance Exams will be notified about being accepted to our school via e-mail by May 5th.

    our schools

    • Toddlers
      age: 12m - 2,5

      • Montessori Toddler School
        ul. Tatrzańska 5a,
        00-742 Warszawa
      • Montessori Toddler School
        ul. Badowska 19,
        00-752 Warszawa
      age: 2,5 – 5/6

      • Casa dei Bambini Warsaw Montessori
        ul. Badowska 19,
        00-752 Warszawa
      • Casa dei Bambini Izabelin
        ul. Szkolna 16,
        05-080 Izabelin
    • schools
      age: 5/6 – 18

      • Warsaw Montessori School
        ul. Szwoleżerów 4,
        00-464 Warszawa
      • Warsaw Montessori Middle School
        ul. Tatrzańska 5a,
        00-742 Warszawa
      • Warsaw Montessori High School
        ul. Pytlasińskiego 13a,
        00-777 Warszawa
      • Montessori Farm School
        Białka 155,
        21-300 Białka