A letter to Warsaw Montessori Families

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Parents,

 On 24 April, we were officially informed that educational facilities are to remain closed until the 24th of May.

You have already received information from the directors of individual campuses of the Warsaw Montessori Family about the continuation of distance teaching over the coming weeks.

I am aware that the current pandemic situation is very difficult for all of us: mainly children, parents and guardians, but also for teachers and the administration of our campuses.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank all the Parents for patience and your support. I want you to know how grateful I am and how much I do appreciate the fact that you are with us in such a difficult time showing trust and solidarity.

I know from experience that being a parent and working remotely is a huge challenge. Therefore, thank you for supporting your children in distance education, currently the only possible one.

Thank you very much for appreciating our teachers who work all day long preparing classes, materials, being present for our children on educational platforms, and on duty on phones.

I would like to assure you that we strive to implement the core curriculum and of course Montessori education (the most important for us here at Warsaw Montessori Family) in all campuses despite the lack of clear guidelines from the Ministries.

We try to match the right tools to the right age groups as much as possible but keep in mind that this is a new situation for everyone.

For Montessori education, which is based on a specially arranged environment, the availability of appropriate materials, direct relationship between student and teacher in the community of other children, the introduction of e-learning is particularly complicated but in the current situation there is no other solution. 

Having in mind the good of our children, with your help and understanding we manage to continue our work. Thank you once again for you amazing solidarity.

Currently, the school is facing challenges that we were not prepared for, but I would like you to know that during the pandemic we make every effort to make sure that your children receive the best education.

Dear parents, paying full salaries are not all costs we have to face. Rental fees for buildings still apply to us (only for one of them we received a slight discount). Because we are still in operation, the costs of maintaining school facilities and cleaning services remain unchanged, as well loans for other buildings must be paid. We can use only minimal government assistance and even this deferred payment will still have to be repaid. This all would not be possible to be handled without regular tuition fees from you. Additionally, due to the prevailing pandemic state recruitment cannot be conducted in a traditional way. 

I do my best to keep employed all employees of Warsaw Montessori Family despite the pandemic conditions. I continue to pay and will pay the full salary to all employees as I know how important it is for us all that your children upon return to school will be able to shake hands with teachers, hug them, see them in reality. Thank you for paying full tuition and being understanding. 

We can’t wait to open our schools. Warsaw Montessori Family members are getting prepared for a new, post-pandemic reality; we are getting ready for a new normality and are ready to open our campuses as soon as we get the “green light”.

According to the speech given by the Prime Minister on April 29th as part of the second phase of defrosting the economy, a school founder can make the decision whether or not to re-open kindergartens and nurseries, We, at Casa dei Bambini, have decided to re-open on May 6th. I assure you that we will provide care based on the highest safety standards.

In a separate e-mail, you will be provided with detailed information regarding re-opening the kindergarten, toddler school, and the Transition class (which is part of kindergarten education at school), and consequently, safety procedures and other “new normal” policies will be given to you.

I would like to assure you that my heart, attention and actions at all times are directed not only at maintaining our schools during the crisis, but also at ensuring that we do not neglect our development, always raising standards and improving our education. My dream and goal is for Warsaw Montessori School to always be a safe haven for your children and a place of solid education based on values and the highest standards.

I am at your disposal all the time at the station. I and my team, once again would like to express our big thank you for your trust, support and solidarity. I hope to see you All again in good health and good condition.

Kind Regards,

Małgosia Tarnowska

Founder and Owner Warsaw Montessori Family

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